So, it’s taken longer for me to get round to writing a second post than it took Guns N Roses to make a new album, and to be honest, the result will probably be even more disappointing.

I’ve found thinking of what to write a challenge, and I guess I’m not very good at even writing about not being able to write!

Our VLE at school has slowly been limping into life. I taught a lesson the other day where I encouraged children to research, then post links to interesting web pages in a forum I had set up. This worked quite well, and the best part was the children being able to visit each others’ links. This definitely gave some indication of the possibility of this type of technology for extending learning – it wasn’t just me saying ‘visit this site’ anymore, but children interacting and following links generated by thier peers.

In her article ‘Blogging to Learn’ Anne Bartlett-Bragg talked about ‘deep learning’, and I guess this fits into the scenario described above. Although the lesson I described is very much only the tip of the iceberg, there is a real possibility for genuinely self-motivated learning, as opposed to simply doing what is asked and no more. I can see that blogs, VLEs and so on could simply become a more aestheticaly pleasing, technologically advanced version of distribution and submission of school work on paper if not thought about carefully. We are due to recieve some ‘hands on support’ from our borough on the VLE soon, and I’ve requested that the classes involved look at how the technology can be used to teach and support non-ICT based lessons. I would, for example, be interested to see how VLEs can support maths teaching both in the classroom, and then outside it.

Anyway, more soon [hopefully].


One response to “Sorry…

  1. Did your school allow the children to access websites outside the school vle? How did you manage that in an atmosphere of general control over such things!

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