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I’ve called this blog ‘Beyond Our Classroom’ with the intention of writing about how schools use technology to extend learning…er… beyond the classroom.

I’m going to look at the role that technology plays and might play in primary education. I also hope to cover, amongst other things, our use of a Virtual Learning Environment and our efforts to achieve equity of access amongst our pupils in the school I work in.


3 responses to “First Post…

  1. Your field is an interesting one. I was talking to a colleague on Thursday about how primary school children engage with and use online software. She told me how her six year old son, who struggles with reading and writing, came home from school insisting that he had to join the online Penguin Club. When he did so, with his mother’s guidance, he couldn’t read the materials or write responses by himself, however, he felt totally satisfied and content to be a member and watch the penguins engaging in virtual talk. Inherent issues of the social, the cognitive and access to skills were evident. His experience was different to his mum’s; she was worried about the potential for abuse of a children’s interactive site. Apparently though, you’ll be pleased to hear, naughty penguins get banned! Good luck!

  2. How are you going to categorise ‘learning’? I’m intrigued by the metaphor of ‘to extend’. Does the use have to be purposive and self-consciously about learning? Or can it be ‘use technology’ and somehow or the other it involves or extends learning, despite their intentions?

  3. HI,

    I am doing a similar blog but on secondary science applications of web 2.0. I think a good starting point will be to look at what other reputable edu site providers are doing with it eg bbc

    PS just checked out the penguin site, pretty cool!
    Waddle on!


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